Do you think it's impossible for you to own a home right now? We have the key to your homeownership!

There are more options than you think! We understand the challenges of today's market and know that not everyone is ready for a mortgage. Everyone deserves to have a place to call home, but we know that it has become harder and harder for many to be in position to purchase a home.  You shouldn't have to have pristine credit, a huge savings for a down payment and a traditional 9 to 5 job in order to become a homeowner.  For people who own their own businesses, those who have been investing in their education, many who have made career changes, those with one income households, and countless other situations, it may seem like buying a home won't ever be attainable. There many reasons that may be holding you back and maybe you fall into one of those categories.

*If you are frustrated that higher mortgage rates are putting your dream home out of reach, please know that with Rent-To-Own programs, the purchase price is set for the length of the agreed term (typically 3 years) which gives you time to ride out the current market, AND the price of the home doesn't change, regardless of it's appreciation!

*If inflation has you concerned about additional monthly payments, rest assured, your payment will not change month to month-it is a set and predictable and the price of your home will not change with inflation.

*If higher costs of living and fear of recession have you worried about saving money, Rent-To-Own programs have much lower (often 1-2%)  initial down payment (Comparable to a renter's security deposit-but used towards the purchase down payment) and monthly savings put you at an advantage when it comes to the purchase of your home.

*NO OBLIGATION TO BUY...if at the end of your agreement, you decide that the house you are in is not the home for you to buy YOU WALK AWAY WITH YOUR SAVINGS.  For all intents and purposes, you've had the perfect "Try before you buy" scenario and stashed away a savings in the process!  A win-win!!

If you've read this far and feel that this is your opportunity to invest in your future home, please contact us today and we will send you what you need to get started and answer any questions you many have!

Together we will jumpstart your way to homeownership! Let's get started TODAY!

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