Our mission is to help families create a meaningful legacy for future generations in building wealth through real estate. We are committed to providing excellence and inspiring confidence by conducting all our business with highest levels of professionalism,  first class service and market leading expertise to all our customers and clients. We are passionate about providing the extra value that others simply will not. Fanatical integrity and consistently impressive results will be the signature of our service. Our goal is to build relationships and create partnerships to  ensure a smooth process for all our customers and clients in the purchase or sale of real estate. We accept all challenging and difficult situations related to real estate transactions as opportunities to use our professional skills. We find solutions that best achieve the real estate needs of our customers and clients.

About Danthika Borst

Danthika Borst epitomizes integrity, hard work, creative service and skilled negotiating techniques in every area of your real estate transaction. Danthika grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka and came to the US to pursue a B.A in Finance and Economics. She then went on to earn and MBA in International Business from Loyola University. She has worked in various industries including, apparel, non-profit, development banking and market research. Her 10-plus years experience in marketing and business serves her real estate clients well.

Danthika is committed to offering her clients the highest quality representation and professionalism along with superb customer service and individualized marketing strategies while understanding the needs of her clients. It is her goal to be a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers, providing an experience to her clientele that is professional, personal always having her clients’ goals and expectations as priority, allowing the her to build and maintain solid relationships.

Danthika and her husband Mark have two sons and she is actively involved in volunteering in their schools and extra curricular activities. 



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